Short bio

I graduated (M.Sc) in Telecommunication Engineering  in April 2004 at Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis on soundfield modeling. I joined the Image and Sound Processing Group, and I started my Ph.D. in 2005 on separation of acoustic sources based. From 2008 to 2014 I have been a post-doc researcher at Image and Sound Processing Group. In this period I have collaborated in the EU-funded project, Self-Configuring ENvironment-aware Intelligent aCoustic sensing (SCENIC). Since January 2014 I am assistant professor at Politecnico di Milano.

I am author of 60+ publications on International Journals and International peer-reviewed conferences.

Main research interests

  1. space-time processing of audio signals acquired through microphone arrays or distributed microphone arrays aimed at acoustic scene analysis (i.e. source localization, source separation and estimation of the location of the walls around the listener);
  2.  space-time processing for soundfield rendering through loudspeaker arrays;
  3. modeling of the acoustic propagation in densely occluded environments;
  4. acoustics of musical instruments;
  5.  pattern recognition for a variety of applications related to audio signal processing.

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