Research of Amir H. Ashouri

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(20 December 2016) - Ph.D Defense
I successfully defended my PhD dissertation on 20 December 2016. Have a look at my defense session here:

(September 2015 - ) ANTAREX : EU HPC Project
The ANTAREX research project, coordinated by Cristina Silvano from Politecnico di Milano, wins a 3 million euro grant in the H2020 Future and Emerging Technologies programme on High Performance Computing. The project involves leading academic and industrial partners as well as CINECA, the Italian Tier-0 supercomputing centre and IT4i, the Czech Tier-1 supercomputing center. more info

(September 2014 - March 2015) Visiting Period in The United States
I was awarded HiPEAC short-term PhD visiting gran and worked under supervision of John Cavazos at University of Delaware, applying machine learning to hard problems such as compiler auto-tuning and high-performance computing. Find my report on HiPEAC Newsletter.

(January 2004 - December 2012) Short Summary on My Bio
I obtained my B. Sc. in Information Technology (IT) Engineering on September 2009 at "Iran University of Science and Technology" (IUST), Tehran, IRAN. The last-three years G.P.A (Major GPA) was 3.08/4. My B. Sc thesis entitled "Media Server Evaluations and Real-Time Tests" was done at Research center of Information Technology (RCIT) under advisory of Ahmad Akbari , which was accepted with the score of 20/20.

September 2010, I moved to Italy for M. Sc. at Politecnico Di Milano where I got the overall GPA of 3.73/4 (109/110 Italian scale) and worked on my thesis about "Analysis of Compiler Transformations in VLIW architecture" under advisory of Vittorio Zaccaria and Cristina Silvano.

As of January 2013, I am a PhD student and researcher of DEIB, specifically in the Computer Architecture Group of Cristina Silvano and Gianluca Palermo as my advisors where I am targeting:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Compiler Optimization and Auto-tuning
  • High-performance Computing

  • as my main research tracks towards PhD.

    You may download the latest version of my CV here: Amir_H_Ashouri_resume_2017_Jan.