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(1- HiPEAC Lab Presentation): List of Major Research Tracks
(2- Project Presentation): List of available projects
(3- Final Presentation): Scheduling the student presentations

  • 1- HiPEAC Lab Presentation) - List of Major Research Tracks

  • Researchers involved in HiPEAC lab with their corresponding research tracks HiPEAC-lab2016

  • 2- Project Presentation - List of available projects

  • -This is the list of available projcts presented 21 April 2016: List of ACA Como 2016 projects
    Check the status of the projects available here: Projects status

    -If you are interested in having a presentation (Max 2pts for one and Max 1pts for two students), you should check the conference DAC 2015 and Date 2015 and select a paper that you are interested in presenting and email the tile to me for the confirmation.
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  • 3- Final Presentations

  • -The time-slot allocated to each group for the presentation on Tueseday 21 June: Final_presentation
    Note that this file subkects to change, so make sure you double-check again before the class.