Context Awareness

The availability of very small, cheap and low-power devices, coupled with the advances in wireless networking, has made it possible to reverse the computing paradigm: no more a person seated at a computer desk, but many devices, endowed with computing power, sorrounding a person. The pervasive computing paradigm aims at relieving people from a cumbersome interaction with passive tools, by embedding the processing power in the environment and making it proactive, anticipating in an autonomous way the users' needs. New applications for Pervasive Systems should rely on appropriately tailored Databases and Database Management Systems, where mobility and context-awareness add further complexity to the typical DBMS functionalities.

My interests in this field are related to context-awareness and runtime adaptation, enabling systems to dynamically adapt to changing conditions (user's preferences, environmental conditions, ...). More specifically, I worked on contet-aware data design and tailoring, focusing on a rigorous definition of a context model able to capture all dimensions that affect the information a user is interested in, at the basis of data design, tailoring and -- ultimately -- personalization.
Recently, we have tried to extend this modeling approach to different scenarios, such as the one of adaptive computing systems, able to dynamically change their behavior (goals, performance, ...) based on the current context.

Recent/relevant publications

More details on the research issues, goals and achieved results can be found at, hosting all information and bibliography.