andrea castelletti



research interests

My research strives to bring us closer to the goal of a more integrated and adaptive modeling and management of water resources systems accounting for the distributed nature of the decision making process and its multiple feedbacks. My focus is in developing and applying new methodologies and tools to expand the scope of current management practice across sectors and to the river basin level by coping with the increased complexity of the coupled human-natural ecosystem (e.g. non-linearity, uncertainty, non stationarity, many feedbacks, multiple decision-makers, and multiple stakeholders). To this end, my background in applied Systems Analysis provides a useful framework in which modeling and optimization theories can be combinely used to characterize and analyze human and natural processes, and to design adaptive planning and management decisions in light of current and projected societal, economic, and environmental needs.

Current research topics include

  1. optimal operation of reservoir operation by direct use of hydroclimatic information

  2. multi-objective learning-based policy design for water resources systems

  3. social computing for water resources management

  4. multi-agent systems for optimization and simulation of distributed water systems

  5. dynamic model emulation of large environmental models

  6. features selection and extraction for input variable selection and causal inference.

:: for more details on my current research have a look at the theses of my students.

research projects

Part of my research activity is directly connected to research projects. Below are the projects in which I was involved with different roles in the last years. More details can be found on my research group website

>>  2014-2016: SmartH2O - an ICT Platform to leverage on Social Computing for the efficient management of Water Consumption, EU-ICT-FP7,

>>  2012-2015: IMRR Integrated and Sustainable Water Management of Red-Thai Binh River System (Vietnam), Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

>>  2010-2011: HALTFLOOD: Hydrological models correction by data-driven approaches, Contract by RSE-WEB spa.

>>  2009-2010: Tono Dam Optimization, Tottori University for the Japan Ministry of Construction.

>>  2005-07: TwoLe: A decision-support system for water resources planning and management at the regional scale, Cariplo Foundation.

>>  2004-05: Decision Support Systems for water resources management: state of the art and open issues, MIUR-COFIN.

>>  2004-05: Harmonised Modelling Tools for Integrated River basin Management (Harmoni-CA), EU-FP5.

>>  2001-04: Management of the Environment and Resources using Integrated Techniques, EU-FP5.

>>  2001-03: Designing the optimal operation of regulated lakes in a multi-objective context (application to Lake Iseo, Italy, Lake Iseo Environmental Agency.

>>  1999-01: Supporting the negotiations between Italy and Switzerland on the operation of Lake Maggiore, EU-Interreg II.