Prof. William Fornaciari



BarbequeRTRM - A Framework for Run-Time Resource Management targeting Multi-/Many-core Architectures

The BarbequeRTRM Logo Resource management: find the optimal tradeoff between Quality of Service and resource availability.

Modern systems have shared hardware resources (e.g., many cores) and fairly mixed applications (workloads) competing for them. The scenario is not easy to be optimized since it is rather unpredictable in the behavior (use cases) and there is a strong competition for the resources and several objectives to fulfill, such as power and thermal problems, run-time issues, data and user dependent behavior of the applications, process variation, etc.

Simple (SW) solutions are required to support frequent change of use-case, also suitable for critical and best-effort applications, capable to operate on a system-wide perspective, not only focusing on a single application needs. This is one step ahead with respect to the simple operating system, which will be enhanced with such additional capability to adapt and tune at run-time.

The BarbequeRTRM, developed within the 2PARMA project, is a framework which provides both mechanisms and some policies (new strategies can be plugged easily).

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