Candidate to ComSoc VP - Technical and Educational Activities



Candidate Statement

The success of IEEE Communication Society depends on its members to get involved and to help. As a VP I have been leading ComSoc Technical and Educational Activities for year 2016 by taking advantage of my diverse background and extensive experience in the communications field.

The experience accumulated during my first term will be very beneficial to complete, during my second term, the program that I had presented for my previous election and that is now in progress for one year. So far, my activity has been supported by the President and the other Vice Presidents and has relied on the work of all the existing technical committees and the new emerging technical subcommittees to effectively promote scientific research and technological development. These successful results are supporting the present direction of the evolution of ComSoc. The major goals during next year and possibly during my second term will be to:

  • Ensure that the Technical Committees keep abreast of the latest technology development and evolution;
  • Pay attention to the evolving technology improvements and identify and nurture new ad-hoc technical subcommittees;
  • Encourage cooperation between academia and industry;
  • Propose new interdisciplinary and emerging technical areas to engage younger members from both industry and academia
  • Support Education and Training Program in new initiatives to increase continuing education and services which are beneficial for our members.

I wish to have the opportunity to serve VP-Technical and Educational Activities for a consecutive term, which will enable me to help sustain the improvements so far obtained and planned for the future.



Candidate's Biography

Luigi Fratta graduated in 1966 in EE from Politecnico di Milano where he has been Professor until 2012. While Professor at Politecnico di Milano he held several positions as Visiting Professor and Scientist in several Universities: UCLA, University of Hawaii, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Imperial College, UK, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, IBM San Josè Research Laboratory, Bell Communication Research, Morristown, NEC Network Research Lab, Japan. He has been consulting with major Telecom Companies: SIEMENS, ITALTEL, ALCATEL, and VODAFONE.

He served as Technical program Chair at INFOCOM ’92 and a number of other conferences including IEEE LAN MAN Workshop, PIRMC’96, MMT’99, and NETWORKING 2009. He is member of the Steering Committee of: MEDHOCNET and IEEE INFOCOM. Fratta served on the editorial board of several journals including Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Photonic Network Communications and he was Co-Guest Editor for special issues on IEEE JSAC 1991 and Journal of Communications and Networking 2000. He is author of 150+refereed papers and holds 5 patents. From 1982 to 2012 he led several national and European funded research projects.

Fratta is IEEE Fellow (1998) and IEEE Life Fellow (2009).