NavigOwl: A Tool for Exploring Semantic Nets

NavigOwl is a visualization tool which is specially designed to explore the semantic nets a.k.a Ontologies. The Tool is enriched with apealing graph layouts that can be applied over the semantic net in order to understand the structure of ontolgies easily and it facalitiates the user to build mental map in more clear and consitent view of ontology graph. The tool supports rdf and owl ontologies to visualize them.
NavigOwl Main Screen
DOAP ontology visualized in NavigOwl showing complete node and role-relation heriarchy.

Salient Features

  • Loads RDF/OWL ontology file, and configure its graph by rendering nodes and edges, based upon role-relations defined in ontology taxonomy.
  • Facalitiates Large-Scale semantic nets a.k.a ontologies.
  • Its Renderer Factory configure various node types based upon RDF/OWL node types e.g. rdf:Class, rdf:subClass, e.t.c.
  • Complete Scaleable Directed Graphs. Visualizes whole role-relation heriarchy, defined in ontology, On Mouse-Over event upon particular node, shows tool-tip exhibiting complete role-relation heriarchy.
  • Zoomable User Interface (ZUI).
  • Handling Mouse Events, like Pan, Drag, Mouse-Over, for nodes of a graph.
  • Graph Overview is also provided to show holistic view of large scale graphs, to traverse through whole graph.
  • Tool facaliates user to apply various drawing layouts techniques to produce apealing symmetric results of whole graphs.
  • Power Layout Technique, produces appealing drawing based upon node-degree distribution, in order to understand node's importance.
  • Node Search feature included. It highlights the searched node in whole graph.
  • Node Label's visibility, Show / Hide labels of all nodes.

Project Team

Ajaz Hussain
Research Assistant

Dr. Khalid Latif
Assistant Professor
khalid.latif AT

Dr. Aimal Tariq Rextin
Assistant Professor
aimal.rextin AT