Short bio

I received the B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering (2010), the M.Sc. in Computer Engineering (2012), and the Ph.D. in Information Technology (2016) from Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB).

In November 2012 I joined the Image and Sound Processing Group at Politecnico di Milano as Ph.D. candidate, under the supervision of Prof. Augusto Sarti. From November 2015 I continue my activities as a postdoctoral researcher in the Image and Sound Processing Laborarory.

My research is focused on analysis, processing and rendering of acoustic fields and on perceptual quality assessment of these techniques.

Research Activity

My research interest is focused on the application of signal processing to acoustics, with special emphasis on: the \emph{analysis} of signals captured by arrays of microphones; the \emph{representation} of the acquired information in a suitable mathematical format; and the synthesis of acoustic fields with arrays of loudspeakers.

Analysis of Acoustic Signals

I am working with microphone array techniques for the purpose of extracting relevant information about the observed acoustic field. In particular, I developed methodologies and algorithms for extracting perceptually-relevant information (such as perceived direction of arrival of the sound and timbral distortion) and for the identification of reflective path in complex reverberant acoustic environments.

Synthesis of Acoustic Fields

I am working on the synthesis of acoustic field by means of loudspeaker arrays, with the goal of providing a realistic acoustic experience to a large audience. I contributed to the proposal of a synthesis methodology based on the space-time Fourier transform. I also contributed to the experimental validation of room correction techniques applied to state-of-the-art sound field synthesis techniques.

Plenacoustic Analysis and Synthesis

I am working on the analysis of acoustic fields with linear arrays of microphones, based on the plenacoustic representation. The plenacoustic representation (analogous to the plenoptic representation widely adopted in the field of computer vision) is a redundant representation which parametrizes acoustic fields according to time, position and direction of propagation. In this area, I developed algorithms for high-resolution analysis and synthesis of acoustic field; moreover, I contributed to a rigorous mathematical definition of the plenacoustic representation based on the local Fourier transform.

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