Platform for End User Development Of Mashups (PEUDOM)

In the last years, models, composition paradigms and tools for mashup development have been proposed to support the integration of information sources, services and APIs available on the Web. The dream is to provide a gate to a "programmable Web", where end users are allowed to construct composite applications that merge content and functions in a way that satisfies the long tail of their specific needs.

Among these proposals, our mashup development framework is specifically oriented towards the End User Development. It contributes to the definition of adequate abstractions that hide the technology and implementation complexity that characterizes the integration of heterogeneous resources, and that can be adopted by the end users in a kind of "democratic" paradigm for mashup development. Given the fundamental role of user interfaces, as a medium understandable for by the end users, the proposed approach is characterized by a composition process guided by the notion of UI-centric models that are able to support the WYSIWYG specification of data integration and service orchestration at the user interface level.

Model-to-code generative techniques translate models into application schemas that in turn guide at runtime the dynamic instantiation of the pervasive, composite applications by means of different lightweight execution environments that can be run on the Web and on mobile devices. The design environments offered by our platform are also equipped with collaboration mechanisms enabling sharing and co-creation of resources.

In this Web site you can find some materials (videos, presentations, posters) that can give you more details on the different prototypes through which our composition paradigms have been validated.

Poster summarizing the PEUDOM approach.