A Transformation Framework to Bridge Domain Specific Languages to MDA  
Politecnico di Milano

The Model Driven Architecture aims at the integration of different modeling languages, artifacts and tools in a unified technical space. Pre-existing development methodologies based on Domain Specific Languages (DSL) require a complex process to benefit from this integration. After a MOF metamodel for the DSL is defined, there is no standard methodology to move legacy models and tools to the new architecture. This paper proposes a general model-driven integration procedure for pre-MDA DSLs. The procedure, given the definition of suitable model transformations, is completely automatic. The proposed framework is fully implemented, in a way independent of the specific DSL that must be transformed. As a case study, a toolsuite based on WebML, a DSL for designing Web applications, is bridged to MDA.

DSL to MDA general architecture

General Diagram of the transformation framework

Code and libraries implementing the framework

Details DTD Injector (java program, Beta version)
Details WebML->MDA ATL transformations (ATL programs, Alpha version)

Components are provided with a readme.txt file that explains their usage.

Paper reference

Details M. Brambilla, P. Fraternali, M. Tisi. "A Transformation Framework to Bridge Domain Specific Languages to MDA", BEST PAPER at MDWE 2008 workshop, colocated with MODELS 2008.


Details Marco Brambilla: mbrambil AT elet.polimi.it
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