Software tools


Title: Talos

Author: Pietro Testa

Type: web application


Description: This web application allows one to develop adversarial patrolling settings and solve them by using the state of the art algorithms.


Title: Hard Lemke-Howson game generator Library (HLHLibrary)

Author: Gianluca Staffiero

Type: C library

License: GPLv3

Download: zip archive, report

Required libraries: GMP, LRS

Description: This library generates game instances that present exponentially long Lemke-Howson paths according to (Rahul Savani and Bernhard von Stengel, Econometrica 2006). The library generates game instances with both numeric arbitrary and floating point precisions.


Title: Lemke based algorithm for Perfect Nash computation Library (LPNLibrary)

Author: Claudio Iuliano

Type: C library

License: GPLv3

Download: zip archive

Description: This library implements the Lemke algorithm and its variation proposed by Bernhard von Stengel, Antoon van den Elzen, and Dolf Talman to compute a Nash equilibrium in two-player games.