Fabio A. Schreiber

Curriculum vitae

is Professor Emeritus (retired since November 2015) of Pervasive Data Management and of Database Systems 1. From 1986 to 1998 he was full professor of Data Base Systems. From 1981 to 1986 he was full professor of Computer Science at the Mathematical Department of the UniversitÓ di Parma. From 1976 to 1981 he was associate professor of Applied Electronics at Politecnico di Milano. Born in Lugano (CH) in 1945, he received the Dr. Ing. degree in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 1969.

Research activity: his main research interests are in the fields of Distributed Informatics and Information Systems. His current research topics include: Database Systems for context-aware applications, Very Small and Mobile Database design methodologies and applications; Pervasive Information Systems. Other research interests include: dependability evaluation of computing and information systems and distributed information systems design. On these and other topics he authored a hundred papers published in international journals and conferences. He organized the "3rd International Seminar on Distributed Data Sharing Systems" (Parma, 1984), is member of the editorial boards of Data and Knowledge Engineering, and, from 1975 to 1993, he has been Editor-in Chief of Rivista di Informatica - the journal of the Italian Association for Informatics (AICA).

He participated to several research projects, also with managerial responsibilities, among them: CNR-PFI1 DATANET on the architecture and design of distributed Data Bases (1979-1984); CNR-PFI2 LOGIDATA+ on merging logic programming and Data Base systems (1989-1994); ESPRIT EQUATOR on temporal Data Bases; ESPRIT ITHACA on tools for advanced application development, FIRB-MAIS, on Multichannel Adaptive Information Systems; FIRB-ART DECO, on the architecture and organization of networked enterprises; ERC-SMScom, on the design and implementation of adaptive computing systems. He also partecipates to several projects on Information Systems and Telematics for Public Administrations and Local Authorities.

For his activity on Information Systems for the Public Administrations he was bestowed the title of "Commendatore" of the Order "Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana". He is member of AICA, Senior member of ACM, and Life Senior member of IEEE.

Teaching activity: Basi di Dati (2002/03-2014/15 ); Pervasive Data Management (2011/2012 - 2014/15); Technologies for Information Systems (2004/2005-2010/11); Advanced Information Systems B: Pervasive IS (2009/10-2010/11);Sistemi Informativi (1998/99-2003/04 ); Basi di Dati V.O.(1993/94-1997/98); Basi di Dati (D.U.) (c.i.)(1992/93-2001/02); Trattamento dell'Informazione nell'Impresa (1986/87-1993/4); Sistemi Informativi 2 (c.i.) (1991/92-1992/93); Sistemi Operativi (1990/91-1991/92); Sistemi di Elaborazione dei Dati (1987/88-1991/92); Sistemi per l'Elaborazione dell'Informazione 2 (1985/86); Teoria e Applicazioni delle Macchine Calcolatrici (1981/82-1989/90); Elettronica Applicata (1976/77-1980/81).

Administrative activity: Deputy Faculty Dean of FacoltÓ di Ingegneria dell'Informazione (Politecnico 2007-2010); director of Informatic Engineering curriculum (Politecnico 1990-1993); director of Electronic Engineering curriculum (Politecnico 1988-1990); manager of the Administrative Computing Center (CEDA) (Politecnico 1986-1988, Univ. Parma 1982-1983); manager of the university computer network planning and design committee (Univ. Parma 1984-1986); member of many ad-hoc Faculty committees.

fabio.schreiber@polimi.it, 07-5-2015