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Since November 2014, I am a part of Image and Sound Processing Group at Department of Electronics Information and Bio-Engineering under the supervision of Professor Augusto Sarti.
Currently, I am pursuing my studies as a full time PhD student at Politecnico di Milano, Italy in Telecommunication Engineering with fully funded scholarship by European union under Erasmus Mundus INTACT project. My PhD studies mainly focus on Interactive and Personalized Spatial Audio through Binaural rendering. The main task involved in this study is the modeling and individualization of the acoustics filters of human pinna and torso called Head Related Transfer Functions. The applications of spatial audio includes but are not limited to interactive and immersive gaming, augmented and virtual reality, virtual surround sound and music listening effect. My other research interests also include, Bio-medical imaging, 3D model reconstruction, Deanonymization in Social and Instant Messaging and Internet of Things.



Random Name
JAN-JUN 2014
Teaching Assistant
Communication Systems, Computer Organization and Architacture
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FEB 2014-MAY 2014
Software Engineer
Android Application
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JUN-AUG 2010
Multimedia and Broadband


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Via Ponzio 34/5, 20133, Milano
Phone: +39 02 2399 9654
Email: muhammad.shahnawaz@polimi.it