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Cristina Silvano is Associate Professor (with tenure) of Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria. In 2013, she received the Scientific National Qualification in Italy as Full Professor in sector 09/H1 Information Processing Systems and 01/B1 Informatics. In 2017, she has been elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow “for contributions to energy-efficient computer architectures”.

She received the Laurea Degree (M. Sc.) in Electrical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 1987. Then, she started her career in industry as Design Engineer and then become Senior Design Engineer at the R&D Labs of Group Bull in Italy (1987-1996). During this period, she was part of the Bull-IBM Research team for the design of the first worldwide multiprocessor system based on PowerPC architecture (introduced in 1992 by Apple-IBM-Motorola). These multiprocessors were commercialized as Bull Escala UNIX Servers and as IBM RS/6000 Multiprocessor Servers. She spent several periods abroad as Visiting Engineer at Bull R&D Labs, Billerica (MA-USA), Visiting Engineer at VLSI Technology in Munich (D) and S. Jose (CA-USA) and Visiting Engineer at IBM Somerset Design Center, Austin (TX- USA).

In 1996, she started her Ph.D studies by investigating power optimization and estimation techniques for embedded architectures. These power-aware techniques were applied to the Lx/ST200 VLIW processors, designed in partnership between HP Labs and STMicroelectronics and widely used in a variety of embedded media processing products. She received her Ph. D. Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Brescia in 1999. Since then, she started a continuous research collaboration with STMicroelectronics in Italy and France.

From 2000 to 2002, she was Assistant Professor for the scientific area 01/B1 Informatics at the Computer Science Department of the Università di Milano. From 2002, she is Associate Professor for the scientific area 09/H1 – Information Processing Systems at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria of the Politecnico di Milano (since 2005 with tenure).

Her current research focuses on Computer Architectures and Electronic Design Automation, with emphasis on power-aware design for embedded systems, design space exploration of energy-efficient computer architectures and application autotuning for manycore architectures and High-Performance Computing. Her research activities have been carried out in collaboration with several international universities, reearch centers and industries. Her research has been funded by several National and European projects selected by a competitive process. She is currently European Project Coordinator of the H2020-FET-HPC project ANTAREX-671623 (2015-2018) on "Autotuning and adaptivity approach for energy efficient exascale HPC systems”. The acceptance rate of the FET-HPC-2014 Call 1 was 23%. She was Project Coordinator of two European projects: FP7-2PARMA-248716 (2010-2013) and FP7-MULTICUBE-216693 (2008-2010). She was the Principal Investigator for the Politecnico di Milano of two industrial research projects funded by STMicroelectronics (2003-2008). She is Project Manager of the IBM/Politecnico di Milano Collaborative Innovation Center on Big Data Analytics (2015-present).

She is an active contributor to the scientific community and she regularly serves as Member (or Track Chair) of the Program Committee of several top-level conferences such as ICCAD, DAC, DATE, NOCS, PACT, IPDPS, ASAP, FPL. Recently she was Program Chair of FPL 2015, the 25th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications. She was Program Co-Chair of ASAP2012, ARC2011, and SASP2010. She was General Co-Chair of SASP2009 and MICRO2008 (receiving the ACM Recognition of Service Award). She is Associate Editor of the ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization. She served as independent expert reviewer for the European Commission and for several science foundations such as the Agence National de la Recherche (F), the Swiss National Science Foundation (CH) and the Academy of Finland. She has been invited to give several talks/seminars and moderate panels all over the world.

She balanced her effort in teaching at undergraduate and M.Sc. levels. She annually teaches a basic course on Computer Architectures and Operating Systems and a M.Sc. course on Advanced Computer Architectures. She has an extensive English-speaking teaching experience started in 2004 at Como Campus of Politecnico di Milano. She is an active contributor to the organisation of teaching activities in Computer Engineering at POLIMI, mainly at Como Campus, where she is chairing the Committee on undergraduate study plans and student transfers. She is also member of the Committee on graduate admissions at POLIMI. She was advisor of 60+ M.Sc. students and advisor/co-advisor of 13 Ph.D./Post-doc students.

Her scientific production consists of more than 160 publications: she is co-author of 30 journal publications (including 20 IEEE/ACM Transactions) and more than 90 scientific publications on peer-reviewed conferences/workshops including top-level conferences (DATE, CODES-ISSS, ASP-DAC, DAC, CASES and ICCAD) collecting one Best Paper Award, one HiPEAC paper award and one of the most influential papers published at DATE conference in the decade 1998-2008. She is co-editor of 4 Special Issues and 3 scientific books: “Near Threshold Computing”, Springer (2015), “Low-PowerNetworks-on-Chip”, Springer (2010) and “Multi-objective design space exploration of multiprocessor SoCarchitectures”, Springer (2011). She is co-author of scientific books: “Power Estimation and Optimization Methodologiesfor VLIW-based Embedded Systems”, Kluwer (2003) and "Automatic Tuning of Compilers using Machine Learning", Spinger (2017). She is inventor/co-inventor of 11 patent applications with Group Bull and STMicroelectronics (7 out of 11 already granted). Based on Google Scholar (05/02/2018), her h-index is 31, her i10-index is 81 and her total number of citations is 3315.           


Research Projects:

ANTAREX - European Project Coordinator (Sep. 2015 - Aug. 2018)

2PARMA -- European Project Coordinator (Jan. 2010 - Mar. 2013)

MULTICUBE -- European Project Coordinator (Jan. 2008 - June 2010)



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