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Dependable Evolvable Pervasive Software Engineering (DEEPSE) Group
       Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria
       Politecnico di Milano - via Golgi 42, 20133 Milano, Italy

Computing and communication capabilities are increasingly being embedded into physical spaces blurring the boundary between computational and physical worlds; typically, this is the case in modern cyber-physical systems like smart buildings or smart cities. Conceptually, such composite environments can be abstracted into a topological model where computational and physical entities are connected in a graph structure, yielding a cyber-physical space. Like any other software-intensive system, such a space is highly dynamic and typically undergoes continuous change - it is evolving. This brings a manifold of challenges as dynamics may affect e.g. safety, security, or reliability requirements of the overall space-dependent system. Modelling space and its dynamics as well as supporting formal reasoning about various properties of an evolving space, is a crucial prerequisite for engineering dependable space-intensive systems, e.g. to assure requirements satisfaction or to trigger correct adaptation.


I am a post-doctoral researcher at Politecnico di Milano, where I received (2017) my PhD defending my thesis entitled "Modelling and Verification of Evolving Cyber-Physical Spaces".
My advisor is prof. Carlo Ghezzi.

Find me at (upcoming)

DE/SE18 Ulm, GRACE Tokyo, ESEC/FSE Paderborn, AWASE Chongqing.

Research (selected)
  • Modeling and Verification of Evolving Cyber-Physical Spaces

    Christos Tsigkanos, Timo Kehrer and Carlo Ghezzi

    in ACM SIGSOFT Foundations of Software Engineering, ESEC/FSE, 2017.

  • On the Interplay Between Cyber and Physical Spaces for Adaptive Security

    Christos Tsigkanos, Liliana Pasquale, Carlo Ghezzi and Bashar Nuseibeh

    in IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (to appear), 2016.

  • An EMOF-Compliant Abstract Syntax for Bigraphs

    Timo Kehrer, Christos Tsigkanos and Carlo Ghezzi

    Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, 2016.


TSC, SEsCPS18, SEAMS18 (Artifacts), ICECCS17, SEsCPS17, SEAMS15/16/17 (Artifacts).