Multicube Explorer is a design space exploration tool for supporting platform-based design. It allows a fast optimization of parameterized system architecture towards a set of objective functions (e.g., energy, delay and area), by interacting with a system-level simulator. Multicube Explorer provides a set of innovative sampling and optimization techniques to help finding the best objective-function trade-offs. It also provides a set of Response Modeling Methods for increasing the speed of the optimization phase and an open XML interface for supporting new platforms/architectures.


Funded by FP7 project:


Project coordinator: Cristina Silvano [home]

Team Leader: Vittorio Zaccaria [home]

Development Team: Gianluca Palermo, Giovanni Mariani, Fabrizio Castro

If you want to contribute to the software development with additional modules, you can send your contributions to Vittorio Zaccaria ( Once approved your module will be integrated into the main branch of the software code.

Release 1.0, December 23rd - 2009. Major new features:

  1. Added response surface models (RSM) among which splines and neural networks

  2. Extended design of experiments techniques for managing masks and permutations

  3. Improved stability and memory usage