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Latest stable release:

December 23rd, 2009 - Release 1.0 - [multicube_release_1_0.tar.gz]

For any bug report, please write to Vittorio Zaccaria:

Prerequisite programs and libraries:

See PDF documentation

Version 1.0 includes the latest patch released on March 9, 2009.

If you want to contribute to the software development with additional modules, you can send your contributions to Vittorio Zaccaria ( Once approved your module will be integrated into the main branch of the software code.

Example databases

An example architectural database for the SESC multiprocessor architecture and the corresponding XML design space definition can be found at this address [Download the database].The database contains energy and execution time for 12 benchmarks applications.

Change log with respect to Release 0.5:

Major features introduced

Added scramble DoE for permutation and masks.

Updated XML driver to R1.4. Added a new test for testing multiple instances for the parameters.

Added Regression module.

Added RSMs internal modules.

Added XDR database management.

Added Regression module.

Added RSMs internal modules.

Added XDR database management.

Added HTML report generation.

Improved  database read speed.

Bugs solved (Validation team led by G. Mariani in ALaRI)

Solved some problems with doxygen documentation.

Solved a bug in m3_mopso.

Solved html compatability problem with 'internet explorer'.

Solved rbf compatability problem with UBUNTU system.

Solved a bug in m3_rsm on handling linear regression.

Solved leakage problem NN.

Solved termination problems for NN.

Solved a bug in m3_preprocess_pipeline::post_process(double).

Solved leakage problems in RSM management within m3explorer.

Solved leakage problems in m3_nsga_ii.

Solved leakage problems in m3_mosa.

Solved major leakage problems in db_report_html.

Fixed a bug in handling string vectors.

Solved leakage problem in m3_mopso.

Solved a bug in m3_mopso.

Solved leakage problem in m3_aprs.

Solved leakage problem in sim_evaluate_doe.

Solved leakage problem in m3_pareto_doe.

Solved a bug in m3_point::clear_metrics(m3_env*).

Solved a bug on handling environmental variables.

Solved a bug in rsm_train command.

Solved memory leakage problems in m3_get_build_path and prs_command_drv_define_driver.

Solved major memory leakage problems in xml_driver.

Solved some bugs in NSGA-II optimizer.

Updated makefile for common installation.

Changed the percentile definition for box-plot representation.

Solved compatibility problem with gcc 3.2.3 on Red Hat Linux.

Added Neural networks. Added XDR API (Multicube Explorer side).

Added Shepard's interpolation.

Added GPL license to external RSM modules.

Solved a bug in the HTML code generation (Box plots).

Solved compatibility problem with g++-4.3

Solved a problem with db_read when design space were not defined.

Bypassed a problem with gnuplot and surface plots generation.

Added surface plots; changed normalization. Added thermal maps.

Supported platforms: