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During the past decade, the interest in safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) for applications in industrial production has developed, from a niche research topic to a broad effort encompassing activities, from basic research to application profiles, and from standardization to biomechanics and ergonomics. The driving force behind the entire effort is the vision that practically relevant industrial scenarios will include both human workers with their specific expertise and robotic production assistants with their characteristic strengths, combining forces to empower a production facility with superior productivity and flexibility. In this scenario, the sensing and perception of the human operator is crucial. From the one hand, this need pushed companies on the development of new sensing technologies. From the other hand, researches studied how to use conventional sensors for perceiving the information needed to ensure safety. A review of such developments, and a friendly exchange of ideas and point of views between academy and industries, is the main target of the proposed workshop. Previous workshops on ICRA or IROS had the focus on sensing, but none of them was tailored for safety-related sensing, which has the potential for industrial applications.
This is the focus of the proposed workshop, where we would like to exchange ideas on:

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