no_image "...Computing is shifting from who’s got the most performant device
to who’s got the most energy-efficient device,
and the next step will be who’s got the most secure device..."

                                                           Chris Doran
                                                           Director of Research at ARM
                                                                                                   Cambridge (UK), September 20, 2017

I am a PostDoc researcher at Politecnico di Milano since Jannuary 2014. My research is focused on computer architecture design and verification with particular emphasis on low-power embedded multi-cores, coherence protocols, on-chip interconnect and hardware-side side-channel countermeasures. A short description of the main research paths is devoted in On Going Research. The website also collects material retaled to the teaching activities I'm involved with (Teaching) as well as the current, past and currently unassigned Master Thesis.

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